28 July Long Run


Beavercreek: 7:00AM Start, Beavercreek Station Bike Path Trailhead (1152 N Fairfield Rd)

Distance: 14 miles (7 mile option – we will all start by going west on the bike path and then turn at 3.5 miles to head back to the start for a total of 7.  Then continue on another 3.5 miles to the east and back again for a total of 14.)

Pace: 7:30 min/mile

Leader: Andy

Bathrooms: Located inside trailhead building. Solid structure with running water.

Route: Paved bike path, flat

Hydration/Nutrition:  Water and Gatorade will be provided by Advanced Running Project

Pros: Don’t want to bore you with another bike path trailhead meet-up but this will be our last Saturday long run before we head to the Tadmoor 10K on 4 Aug and the Crossroads 5K on 11 Aug. We will still post Sunday runs on those two weekends.

Register today! ORRRC (Tadmoor 10K, Saturday Aug 4) and Advanced Running Project (Crossroads 5K, Saturday Aug 11)

Tip: Don’t miss the trailhead entrance, it comes up quickly. Decent size parking lot is available.

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