Group Run: Sat, Jan 12

Andy Running in GA (2)
Come and meet other goal-driven runners

Join us Saturday at 10:00am for a long run on the Creekside Trail bike path in Beavercreek.  The run will start from behind Beavercreek Pizza Dive on 4021 Dayton Xenia Road.

This run is the Advanced Running Project’s signature monthly pizza run.  Runners are welcome to enjoy a fresh slice and connect with other runners inside Beavercreek Pizza Dive after the run — they are very runner friendly.

A couple things are happening right now as we enter the new year — winter is settling in and runners are starting to work on 2019 planning.  Don’t wait too long before getting connected to a run group — now is the best time to try out different runs and get together with runners of all paces to encourage each other to accelerate through the new year.

The run will be an out-and-back on the bike path from Beavercreek Pizza Dive.  We will start heading towards Factory Road.  Water and Gatorade will be provided along the run.  You can turn at Factory Road for a solid 6-7 miles or go as far as 12+ miles with the Advanced Running Project.  We think you’ll have a good time and find positive community either way.

Air Force Cross Country, National Meet 2013

OHLORU is organizing group runs each weekend with the hope of connecting other like-minded runners.  We don’t want you to do your long run alone when there are so many other runners to help and benefit with your drive, motivation, and encouragement to succeed.  We are very committed to seeing YOUR goals reached in 2019.


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