Group Run: Sat, Jan 19

Circus Maximus Runners training in Spring Valley. Photo Credit: Event Photos by Tracy.

This Saturday we will not be leading a long run due to the winter storm watch. Last week we couldn’t make it to the run we had scheduled and we want to avoid repeating that.

Check Twitter and Instagram for updates – we will share info about runs as we hear about them. Follow us @ohloru on both platforms.

Stay safe and use the inclement weather to adjust or vary your routine this winter – it will likely help you to focus and assess your goals for this upcoming year.

Don’t be afraid to take a step or two back in order to leap forward. Stay encouraged by connecting with other local runners and supporting them on their journey.

The road is long and there is enough room for all of us to travel to the top and conquer our individual health and fitness challenges.

Share your 2019 goals and dreams with us. Contact Andy at to learn more about our work to help runners shape and identify their goals and refine their approach to achieving success.

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