Saturday, July 6

Oakwood Track
The beautiful Lane Stadium track in Oakwood
Oakwood Loop (8M)
Saturday, July 6th
Distance: 8 Miles (Add on extra if you need to)
Start Time: 7:00AM
Pace: 7:00-7:30 min/mile (56-60 minutes)
Start/Finish: Parking Lot Behind Starbucks (Link to Google Maps)
Notes: Arrive early to use bathrooms inside of Starbucks. We aim to start the run promptly at 7:00am. We will have water and Drink Mix 160 available at the start and finish. Traffic should be light but please be careful while running and especially while crossing roads. If you want to get some hills in this is an incredible loop. This is a run and a course where we like to test ourselves, so if you’re feeling good then go for it!

Route Map (Click Arrow in Top Right to Enlarge)

Happy Independence Day and hope to see you at the run!