Sat/Sun Aug 10-11

CM 8 Aug 19 (2)

Grace Butkus (Butler University) showing some grit at the Circus, August 2019

All runs are self-led. You are responsible for your route, distance, and pacing. We encourage you to bring a friend and meet us at the start. The group may break up but we can help hold each other accountable. Negativity is not welcome – single tribe mentality.

Saturday, August 10
Meeting Location: Forest Field Park (Centerville)
Start Time: 8:00am
Run Type: Easy run on grass/gravel loop
Notes: Bring Your Own Water. Bathrooms are available inside a hard shelter at the park. Pace for this run will be relaxed (7:30 min/mile). See park map below.
Sunday, August 11
Meeting Location: Oakwood Starbucks (Meet in parking lot behind store)
Start Time: 7:00am
Run Type: Long Run
Notes: Bring Your Own Water. Bathrooms are available inside Starbucks. Pace for this run will be more aggressive (Working into 7:00 min/mile or faster). Goal is to do two loops. Be ready to go at 8:00am if you want to catch the second loop.

If you have questions please contact Andy at

Forest Field Trail Map



Oakwood Loop Map

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  1. Great Sunday long run. We had Christina Johnston, Brett Stover, Brett “BP” Peterson, Walter Osbourne, and Drew Triplett join us. We did two 8-Mile Oakwood loops plus a little extra in 2:00 hours. Will probably do the same long run again next week but stay tuned for details.

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