Sunday, Aug 4

Germantown 8K 2019
Germantown 8K, Saturday Aug 3. Photo Credit: Speedy Feet

Sunday, Aug 4 – 90 min easy run

Start Time: 7:30AM

Location: Forest Field Park (Centerville)

Link to Google Maps


1. We will start running at 7:30AM. Arrive early if you need to stretch, use the bathroom, etc.

2. Bring Your Own Water – We will not be providing anything.

3. This is an EASY run. Everyone is welcome to start at 7:30AM and run their own pace.

4. If you are not familiar with the park then please review the map below. We are not going to be your guide because that might mess with each individual’s desired pace.

5. We recommend inviting a buddy to run with.

6. WARNING: In an effort to stay healthy and injury free, we are going to be taking our runs to more parks and grass fields in order to handle the increase in mileage. If you have a problem with running short grass loops over-and-over then this run is probably not for you!

Forest Field Trail Map


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