Heading to CIM

I ran 1:08:28 in November at the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon.

Heading to CIM

This weekend I will be in Sacramento running my second marathon. The race is on Sunday, December 5th at 7:00 PST. It is a point-to-point course with rolling hills and a net downhill.

In November I ran a half-marathon personal best of 1:08:28 in Indianapolis. Before that race I wrote that I’d be happy ending the year with a 1:08 half and a sub-2:30 marathon.

After Indianapolis I ran two 70 mile weeks and then strained my hamstring the week of Thanksgiving. It wasn’t bad, and I didn’t panic when it happened. After a few days I did panic, and I thought about canceling my trip. I’ve decided to stick it out – I’m confident that I’ll be able to finish, however I have no idea what sort of pace I’ll be able to maintain. The overall goal is to not further injure myself.

The ups and downs of running at a high level are tough. I experience significant mood swings and easily become depressed. It is unfortunate and something I need to work on. Doing this race is a challenge to myself to hang in there even when things get tough or aren’t perfect.

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  1. Stay hydrated. If you experience dehydration during the race, you will be more likely to further strain the muscle. Best of luck to you!

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