The Champion Next Door Show – Season 2, Episode 2 with Sakiko Minagawa

Sakiko won the 2021 Columbus Marathon in 2:41:12.

Sakiko Minagawa – Columbus, Ohio

In Sakiko’s first three marathons she ran an OTQ, ran in the Olympic Trials, and won the Columbus Marathon (2:41:12). She grew up in Dublin, Ohio and attended Dublin City Schools. She started running in middle school, and focused on the 4x800m and 3,200m in high school. Sakiko was a walk-on at Ohio State where she ran the second-fastest 10,000m in school history (34:27). She has a Masters in Allied Medicine and works as a Registered Dietitian for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Sakiko is coached by 2:14 marathoner Jim Jurcevich and runs for the Columbus Running Company.

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Sakiko ran 2:46:15 at the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon in Atlanta.

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