The Champion Next Door Show – Episode 3 with Garang Madut

On this episode we talk with Garang Madut. Garang went from average high school runner who walked-on his college cross-country team to winner of the 2018 Memphis Marathon. In 2019 he improved his PR by over 8 minutes running 2:20:52 at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. We talk about his recent tune-up half marathon, training withContinue reading “The Champion Next Door Show – Episode 3 with Garang Madut”

Training Calendar

Tracking your running is the #1 way to improve your performance. Being able to look back on your training will allow you to identify areas for improvement. While you shouldn’t be a slave to your schedule, maintaining run notes (mileage, workouts, etc.) in a calendar format allows you to see holes in your schedule orContinue reading “Training Calendar”

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