Andy Schweitzer
Group Run Leader
Andy is a middle distance runner from Northeast Ohio who began road racing after college to fill the competitive void left by a lack of track meets and cross-country races to train for. After a few years of steady improvement his big breakthrough came when he identified two things missing in his workouts: 1) tracking progress using key metrics and 2) attending a weekly group run. Integrating these concepts into his training allowed him to accomplish his goal of running a half marathon in under 70 minutes (5:20 min/mile pace) at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon in 2013. Andy continues to train and race competitively with the goal of improving his performances and sharing his love of the sport with others. He is an avid reader and works full-time as a project manager for Guidehouse. He and his wife Becca live in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Contact Andy by sending him an email at He would love to hear about your story and help you on the journey to your next big race.

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