8 July Long Run

Xenia: 0700 (7am) Start, Xenia Station Bike Path Trailhead (150 South Miami Avenue)

Distance: 6 miles

Pace: 8:00 minutes per mile

Leader: Andy

Bathrooms: Located inside trailhead building. Multiple stalls male and female.

Route: Paved bike path, flat. Run through parts of downtown and loop around KHN Greene Memorial Hospital.

Pros: Continue to beat the heat this summer and get out early

Tip: Sleeping in is for winter, let’s get the work done.  Don’t tell Eric Liddell

7 July Long Run

Beavercreek: 0730 (7:30am) Start, Wright State University Soccer Stadium Parking Lot

Distance: 14 miles

Pace: 7:15 to 7:30 min/mile (average)

Leader: Andy

Bathrooms: Limited. Soccer stadium bathrooms are sometimes open. Usually a pot-o-potty within sight. Plan beforehand.

Route: Paved bike path, mostly flat

Pros: New route. Quick hop onto bike path from WSU and then head downtown along the bike path. Should be a sweet early morning run with positive vibes. Nice history with both Wright-Patterson AFB and Huffman Dam along the route.  Hydration and nutrition graciously sponsored by our friends at Advanced Running

Tip: Barefoot strides on plush WSU soccer artificial field afterwards to loosen the legs and achilles.  Need we say more?

1 July Long Run

Bellbrook: 6:00PM Start, Subway (137 West Franklin Road)

Distance: 6-8 miles

Pace: 8 to 8:30 min/mile

Leader: Andy

Bathrooms: Limited to none. Subway has a bathroom as does Dot’s Market across the street.

Route: Slight uphill and downhill

Pros: Nice easy chill run through Bellbrook. Sleep in on Sunday. Start your week off on the right foot.

Tip: Bring $5 cash cause we are stopping at the Diary Shed after the run.

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