25 Aug “Factory Road”

SATURDAY.  “Factory Road.”  7:00AM start.  Park at Beavercreek Community Park (link to Google Maps).  Run will proceed along Creekside Trail to Xenia Station (6 miles) at a gentleman’s pace.  Then we’ll pick up the pace (moderately, still able to talk and breathe easily) on the way back for a total of 12 miles.  We may add on a few cool-down miles after that if we are still feeling good.  Bathrooms available at park.

18 Aug Long Run

SATURDAY.  Air Force Marathon Build-Up Half Marathon.  Start time:  7:00AM.  Cost to register is $25. Find more information and register here.  Distance: 13.1 miles. Pace: we are going to run the first half easy and the second half hard as a workout. Location:  Bass Lake on Wright-Patterson AFB.  Base access required to drive to Bass Lake.  Those without base access can take shuttle from Hope Hotel (10823 Chidlaw Rd).  Last shuttle leaves at 6:15AM.  Bass Lake is behind the flight line on Area A.  Directions.