24 June Long Run

Xenia: 0730 Start, Xenia Station Bike Path Trailhead (150 South Miami Avenue)

Distance: 14 miles

Pace: 7 to 7:30 min/mile

Leader: Andy

Bathrooms: Located inside trailhead building. Multiple stalls male and female.

Route: Paved bike path, flat

Pros: Xenia Station is home to the largest paved trail hub of its kind in Ohio. Extensive parking and multiple routes available. Nice change of pace from the city.

Tip: Xenia can be slightly hard to navigate for first-timers. Give yourself a little bit of extra time to get there.

23 June Long Run

Centerville: 0800 Start, Up and Running (Next to Dorothy Lane Market)

Distance: 8 miles (run before if you need extra)

Pace: 7 to 7:30 min/mile

Leader: Andy

Bathrooms: Limited inside shoe store. Use bathrooms in Dorothy Lane Market. One stall (male), three stalls (female).

Route: City, moderate hills

Pros: Good shoe-store running group vibe. Route and group members are consistent. Water placed along stops. Up and Running will hold your car keys.

Tip: Grab a pastry from the Dorothy Lane Market (known as “DLM”) bakery after. Best grocery store in Dayton.