Katie Fitz
Runner & HS Distance Coach
“Community, connection, camaraderie, and competition – these are four words I can use to describe my training with Andy.  I enjoy having a community of competitive runners that I can connect and collaborate with throughout training. We might all have different goals, races, and backgrounds, but this group of runners is truly connected through the love of the sport.  I enjoy having a group I can depend on consistently for workouts and long runs, a forum to discuss training, and a support system that holds each other accountable to test our limits and train at our best. Andy has helped me to become a stronger runner both mentally and physically while reminding me that running is ultimately supposed to be fun!”Katie Fitz Boston 2017 - Small
Brandon Hough
Runner & Race Director
“Running is so often thought of as a solo endeavor, a ‘trial of miles and miles of trials’, which are often done alone. It’s no wonder that there’s a book and subsequent film entitled The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Andy is putting a stop to that. He has created a place where runners can come and work together. Suddenly the loneliness of that Saturday long run is a thing of the past and you have a home with folks who share in your passion. I have had the pleasure of running with Andy for an untold number of miles and through him have met dozens of other incredible runners. My experience has been so wonderful and I would encourage anyone looking for a group to run with to look no further than Ohloru!”BrandonTestimonial